Marketplace is where users trade and lease their sneakers and other items.

Rental system

At WalkSphere, users can rent their sneakers out to earn $KCAL. This means if a new user wants to play WalkSphere, he/she has to either purchase a sneaker or buy $KCAL, $WALKX at the exchanges to pay sneaker rents.
Owner can customize the term of the rental contracts, upon agreement with the renters, the contracts will become active for 1-7 days depending on the terms. For example, a renter can mandate the time-length of the contract and whether the renter should return the sneaker with the same durability as he/she received it.
Each and every user at WalkSphere is assigned a credit rating, failure to fulfill the terms will result in a deduction of the renter’s credit rating.

Trading and Rental Tax

WalkSphere collects tax from trading and leasing with the purposes of inflation control and project funding.
The tax rates are listed at the following chart:
Taxable Activities
Tax Rate (%)
Marketplace Trading Fee
Minting Tax
Rental Tax