Enjoy up to 10 000 APR!
WALKGAME 1.0  — It is a low-risk staking with potentially high rewards. To participate in the WalkGame, a user needs to hire a Runner. Once the hiring period is over, a user will receive fixed rewards in $WALK with up to 270% ROI within 30 days!

Requirements to participate

To begin playing, a user must complete the following steps:
  • Hire a Runner

Runners’ price

The cost to hire one Runner is fixed — 10000 $WALKX. Press Hire and get a Runner with random hiring time and ROI.
❗️Important: the amount of your investment, eg: 1000 $WALKX, will be returned to you at the end of hiring duration of your Runner along with a gained $WALKX reward.

Gamification of Staking

Enjoy earning vast rewards with up to 10 000% APR via Gamified Staking! Your profit depends on the ROI and amount of days of your Runner.